Help Scotland
fight climate change

How to fight food waste

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 One man's mission to help
Scotland fight climate change 

Your Mission Objectives

There’s a whole world of waste out there. But tackling it shouldn’t be mission impossible. Small changes all add up to helping Scotland’s fight against climate change.

So be a hero of our time, just by quietly saving the world.

  • Mission 1Give food waste the chop by using up leftovers, reducing what
    you buy and planning meals. The average Scottish household throws away around £470 worth of food
    every year. Shop savvy and you'll have less waste and save money too.

  • Mission 2Engage leg power: leave the car behind for all those short trips
    and walk instead. You cut down on CO2 emissions and help create a cleaner, less congested Scotland. You'll feel
    great too – walking helps us cope with stress, burns calories and feels good.

  • Mission 3 – Don't sweat the small stuff. Turn down your thermostat
    by just one degree. You'll cut your energy bills by around £90 a year
    and help create a cleaner Scotland. You won't even feel the difference, you'll still be warm and cosy.

  • Mission 4 – Make a clean getaway. Set the washing machine to 30 degrees, it'll save energy and cut those fuel bills. Besides, a lower temperature wash is kinder to your clothes and they'll emerge just as clean.


Saving the world isn't
just for the movies

Help Scotland fight climate change

How to tackle climate change

Climate Change Plan

Find out more about the Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to cut emissions and tackle climate change, and achieve its target of 80% by 2032.

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