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More people in Scotland are using electric vehicles and it’s easy to see why.

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Financial benefits

  • Pay less when you buy an electric car or van with a Plug-in Car Grant
  • Claim back 100% of the cost of buying and installing a home charge point
  • Interest-free loan of up to £50,000 to buy a new plug-in electric vehicle
  • Charge your electric car from flat to full for roughly between £1 and £4
  • Use many of Scotland’s network of public charge points for free
  • Spend less time and money on servicing a car with fewer moving parts
  • Get from A to B for as little as 2–3p per mile in an electric vehicle (rather than 16p per mile for an average family car using petrol/diesel)
  • Zero Vehicle Excise Duty for electric vehicles - Low company car tax, with rates at least half that of the most efficient petrol/diesel cars

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New locations are being added all the time, with a focus on providing charging facilities where you need them most.

Case Study: Caroline the Midwife

Being ‘on call’ for work means Caroline is careful to plan her journeys. Her family bought a comfortable and spacious electric vehicle mainly to make cost savings. Now that she’s learned to get the best range by driving more efficiently, there’s no going back for Caroline.

The EV Network can help you find an owner in your area who will be happy to talk about their experience of going electric.

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