Food Waste

Businesses and food waste

It’s not only Scotland’s households that can reduce their food and drink waste to save money and help the environment; the law now requires most food businesses to separate their food waste too.

How businesses are reducing food waste

All of the UK’s major retailers and most major brands have signed up to the Courtauld Commitment*.

This Commitment sets targets to improve resource efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the food retail sector.


What the Courtald

Commitment means

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More than 50 businesses are signed up to the Commitment, which was launched in 2005. The food retailers and producers involved are helping customers like us to reduce how much food waste we produce. Actions include:

  • Providing improved advice on storing fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Introducing smaller sizes and ‘fridge packs’ that can be stored for up to five days for products previously only sold in tins
  • Encouraging the freezing of products any time, not just on the day of purchase
  • Improving date labels

*The voluntary agreement is supported by UK resource efficiency body WRAP (which operates here as Zero Waste Scotland), the Scottish Government and the other governments of the UK.

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement

This UK-wide voluntary agreement involves hospitality and food service businesses committing to reducing and recycling more food waste. UK resource efficiency body WRAP (Zero Waste Scotland north of the border) is behind the initiative, and it’s supported by the Scottish Government and the other governments of the UK.

WRAP research indicates that across the UK, the industry could save more than £720 million a year by preventing avoidable food waste and recycling unavoidable food waste by anaerobic digestion.

Businesses of all sizes can sign up to the agreement and its targets.

Targets for the end of 2015

  • To cut food waste and the associated packaging waste by 5%
  • To up the amount of packaging and food waste that's recycled, sent to anaerobic digestion or composted to at least 70%

Why should businesses sign up?

Zero Waste Scotland can help your business to work out where and how it can improve on food waste prevention and waste management.

Sign up to the targets

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