Food Waste

Why reduce food waste?

Did you know that avoidable food and drink waste costs the average household in Scotland around £470 a year?

When we throw away food that could be eaten, it rots in landfill and creates harmful greenhouse gases. All the energy, water and time that went into farming the food and transporting it - from farm to fork - will have been wasted too.

So, follow our three simple steps below to find out how you can reduce food waste, save money and help the environment!

Step 1 - Shop, cook and store

There are lots of simple things we can do to cut down on wasted food and drink.

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Step 2 - Recycle what you can't prevent

Enter your postcode to see if your council offers food waste collection and get local guidance.

Step 3 - Find out more

It’s more than just the individual food and drink items that we waste when we throw them away.

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