Greener Travel

Grants and funding

If you opt for an electric vehicle, you could receive a grant to help buy it as well as install a home chargepoint.

The Government wants to see more electric vehicles on the road – so it’s offering Plug-in Car Grants worth up to £5,000 and for vans £8,000 each to curb the cost to you.

Plus, interest-free loans of up to £50,000 are available for anyone wishing to buy a pure electric car or a hybrid. The loan can be repaid over a period of up to 6-years and is provided by the Energy Saving Trust via funding from Transport Scotland. For more information contact the Home Energy Scotland helpline on 0808 808 2282 or download an application form.

Which models are eligible?

Find out which electric vehicle models are eligible – to qualify for funding all vehicles must be able to reach speeds of 60mph and travel at least 70 miles between charges.

Find out more

There’s no application form for you to fill out to use the Plug-in Car Grant to purchase an eligible car. The car dealership or vendor will complete all the paperwork for you. Whatever grant you receive will then be automatically deducted from the price of the vehicle at the point of purchase.

Home Chargepoint Funding 

Full funding is available to install a home charge point for your electric vehicle.

Find details on how to do this on the Energy Saving Trust website or you can contact the Energy Saving Trust directly on 0131 555 9170 or

Private organisations can also claim up to 100% of the cost of fitting a charge point. Find out more by visiting the EST website.

It’s all part of the new ChargePlace Scotland scheme to get more drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles. ChargePlace Scotland is also behind the growing network of public charge points throughout Scotland.

Charging an electric vehicle has never been more convenient. There are over 300 public charge points across Scotland - with more being added all the time.  And now you can get one for your exclusive use at home, absolutely free.