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How to have a warm home

A warm home with lower energy bills is a combination of how you create heat in your home and then how you keep it.

The best way to create the heat is having an efficient heating system, which includes an energy efficient boiler, good quality radiators and heating controls, and knowing how to use them properly. Then to keep the heat in make sure your home is insulated, draft proof and has the right glazing. This means it will be cosier for longer.

And to help even more we've got some handy tips on some small changes you can make today.

Financial Help

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Advice and Grants

  • Warmer Homes Scotland - Warmer Homes Scotland helps people make their homes warmer with energy saving measures.
  • Loan Scheme - Interest free, unsecured loans to help you with warmer home improvements.
  • Area Based - Support for home energy measures based on your postcode.
  • Renewable Loans Scheme - Interest-free loans for installing domestic renewable energy technology.
  • Feed In Tariffs - Support for installing renewable technology and contributing to the National Grid.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive - Financial support for seven years to subsidise the costs of installing renewable technologies in your home.

To find out what support you are eligible for call 0808 808 2282 or request a callback