Why live greener?

Advent Calendar 2016

Come back everyday this festive period to celebrate, unlock new opportunities to win and learn ways you can live a greener lifestyle throughout 2017.

–—Greener Advent 2016—–

  • Welcome to the Greener Scotland Advent Calendar! 24 days of tips, advice, competitions and help for you to live a greener lifestyle.

    Check back every day to pick up the letters you will need to complete our final puzzle!

    As this is the first day and to get things moving, we have a Fitbit Charge up for grabs.

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  • Regularly walking shorter journeys is a free, fast and fun way to live a greener lifestyle and improve your health.

    Learn more with our guide to active travel and enter our first Festive Friday to win a subscription to Netflix for 3 months! 

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  • Switch off your Christmas tree lights (and TV, and stereo, and computer) at the plug socket to save energy at home.

    The energy wasted on standby per household has the equivalent CO2 impact as driving 775 miles.

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  • Four out of ten bus users feel fitter and healthier for using the bus and they are helping to take cars off the road.

    Could your New Years resolution be to take the bus more?

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    Today is International Volunteers Day!

    Find out about some of the amazing greener projects around Scotland by watching our Climate Challenge Fund videos.

    And why not subscribe to our newsletter to find out about organisations near you.

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  • Looking for recipes using in-season food for December?

    Check out the Greener Scotland Recipe Finder for our turkey-free December suggestions!

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  • What will Scotland look like in 2030?

    We've taken a trip to the future and our lifestyles are much more climate friendly. Scotland 2030 will show you what we mean.

    However, you don't need to wait until 2030 as many of the changes you can start to make today.

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  • Give your home the gift of a more energy efficient heating system with the help of a grant from the Scottish Government.

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  • Electric vehicles are becoming a fantastic solution to many different travel needs, from a city runabout to longer commutes.

    Use our interactive map to see where your nearest chargepoint is

    Also, enter this week's Festive Friday competition to win a Fitbit Charge!

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  • If you have food waste take advantage of your local collection service as all that waste can be turned into something else such as green energy.

    Does your local authority offer food waste recycling?

    Find out with our search tool!

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  • Do you live in an older home in Scotland that's tough to keep warm?

    Read about how Home Energy Scotland can help you to identify the best ways of reducing your fuel bills and making your home warmer this winter on our blog.


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  • Eating in season, local food means delicious and abundant food year round.

    Find out how you can get amazing food near you.

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  • Plan your shop in advance for a stress free Christmas.

    With a little forward planning, you can reduce your food waste and buy great tasting, local, in season food.

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  • Have you considered an electric vehicle?

    Maybe 2017 is the year to get one!

    Find out more and take our quiz to see if there's a model that is right for you.

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  • With Rogue One opening today, it reminded us of the green lifestyle of Rey in the Force Awakens who was making a living recycling parts from crashed Star Destroyers.  

    Reuse of resources is an important part of being greener.

    Before you throw something out, think if it can be reused. 


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  • Climate Change is a huge issue, but small steps, taken together, can make a big difference.

    Take up our Emissions Impossible challenge.

    Enter this week's Festive Friday competition where we have 5 keep cups for 5 winners.

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  • Looking for a project over the winter break?

    Why not knit yourself one of our Doug the Caterpillar draught excluders to cut down draughts.

    Or call Home Energy Scotland to find out how you can make your home warmer.

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  • Brush up on your climate change knowledge with the help of Phil Kay.

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  • Check those use-by dates on the food you have in stock for Christmas and make sure you have a plan to use up perishables while the shops are closed.

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  • Our Smarter Travel Choices quiz can help you work out where you might be able to change your transport habits in 2017.

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    It's the shortest day of the year today.

    From tomorrow, the days will begin to get longer again. 

    Why not find out ways you can brighten your home on the darkest day with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs?

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  • Washing your clothes at 30 degrees will not only help your clothes last longer, but you will also notice the difference in your energy bill.

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  • Home Energy Scotland is here to help you make your home warmer this winter. Get in touch by visiting our guide to what HES offers

    Also, enter this week's Festive Friday competition to win a 3-month Netflix voucher. 

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  • Well done! You've opened every window in the Greener Scotland Advent Calendar, meaning you now have the chance to enter and win our Grand Prize!

    To enter, just collect the letters of the Greener Advent Anagram and tell us what you think it says. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw to win a smart energy management systemt that allows you to control your home heating from your mobile. No more coming home to a cold home or panic at rising bills when you realise you have left the heating on.

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